Two Uncles prides itself on developing building solutions that are attractive, functional and efficient, yet extremely cost effective on both a first-cost and long-term basis. Together, this team is capable of establishing construction costs early on in the planning process, guaranteeing those costs and delivering a completed facility faster than more traditional approaches.

Two Uncles staff of seasoned project management professionals has the experience to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding construction projects. Two Uncles is able to mobilize the crews required to place concrete for building foundations, floor slabs and site concrete – activities that are critical on a project with an aggressive construction schedule. Two Uncles field forces are also responsible for interior finish items that demand a high degree of craftsmanship, such as drywall and carpentry that also helps to control the schedule and the overall quality of the completed facility.


10-Year Guarantee On All Jobs

Two Uncles Remodeling will be there for you–from start to finish and long after the project is completed.

No Project is Too Big!

Two Uncles Remodeling has the expertise to deliver top-quality remodeling and construction services for jobs both big and small.

No Surprises

We provide detailed specifications so you can know exactly what work is being performed and exactly how much it will cost.


Two Uncles Remodeling is an award winning company with a reputation for quality work completed on time and within the budget.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

I am not an expert on roofs so I go to people who have served me well in the past and I can trust their reputation. Excellent workmanship. Staff was friendly, polite and professional. Two Uncles is a reliable partner in home rebuilding and improvements.

– C. Thompson