Windows can be one of the most cost efficient, beautifying, comfort-enhancing improvements that can be made to a home when carefully selected and professionally installed.

Modern windows cut heating and cooling bills by a third or more, tilt in for easy cleaning, and block noise and harmful furniture-fading UV rays. Two Uncles Remodeling provides expert assistance in helping you select the windows that meet your needs and budget. Contact us to find out what window design would best go along with your home. All window designs can be customized to meet the architectural style of your house and provide additional enhancements, such as unbreakable glass or frosting.


Two Uncles Remodeling is an award winning company with a reputation for quality work completed on time and within the budget.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

I am not an expert on roofs so I go to people who have served me well in the past and I can trust their reputation. Excellent workmanship. Staff was friendly, polite and professional. Two Uncles is a reliable partner in home rebuilding and improvements.

– C. Thompson